New Course: Data Science and Machine Learning with Python – Hands On!

Data ScienceToday I’ve launched my third Udemy course: Data Science and Machine Learning with Python – Hands On! If you’d like to apply your programming or scripting skills to the lucrative field of data science, this course covers all of the main topics in data mining and machine learning, with lots of hands-on Python notebooks you can take with your for experimentation or future reference. As a special offer to my readers, here’s a $15 coupon link for the course using coupon code DATA15!

This course is really comprehensive with 68 lectures and 9 hours of video. It draws on my 9 years of experience at Amazon and IMDb, and teaches you topics such as regression analysis, clustering, Bayesian methods, TF/IDF, dimensionality reduction, principal component analysis, and much more. And, I try to explain things in plain English, rather than relying on obscure mathematical notation. Concepts are explained plainly, any fancy terms associated with them are introduced, and then we dive into some real, working code to illustrate using the concepts on real data using Python.

There’s also an entire section on using Apache Spark and its MLLib library to scale up machine learning tasks to a Hadoop cluster, for learning from massive data sets.

So please join me, and go forth and do data science!

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