My MapReduce and Hadoop Course is Live!

TamingBigDataWoohoo! My first online course, “Taming Big Data with MapReduce and Hadoop“, is now live on Udemy! My first students are already rolling in.

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This is my first online course, and it’s something I’m trying to see if producing quality courses is a viable business model. I gave it my all and want to see it succeed. As an extra incentive, the first 50 students may use coupon code NICE-ELEPHANT! to get the course for $15.

This course provides 5 hours of video and over 10 hands-on examples of analyzing real data sets using MapReduce, Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce Hadoop cloud service, Python, and MRJob. If you’ve got some programming ability and want to master MapReduce quickly via hands-on examples, this course could be for you 🙂


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