Learn Computer Vision and Deep Learning with OpenCV, Tensorflow and Python

Our newest online course is available now: Autonomous Cars: Deep Learning and Computer Vision with Python!

In this course, I’ve partnered with Dr. Ryan Ahmed to cover OpenCV, a Python library used for computer vision. It makes it easy to identify edges (such as to find lane markings in a video stream from a self-driving car’s cameras) and also to identify objects such as traffic signs and pedestrians. We also delve into the modern world of deep learning, using deep neural networks and convolutional neural networks to classify objects inside images with unprecedented accuracy, using Tensorflow and Keras.

The course is full of hands-on examples using real photos and videos from real cars, and it’s a lot of fun! If you’re curious about the way self-driving cars work, this course will give you the computer science fundamentals you need. You’ll find yourself conversant with the engineers who work on this exciting, emerging technology at companies such as Apple, Google, Tesla, Uber, and more.

Check it out! It’s really exciting stuff, and our best course yet.

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