Get my new Spark Streaming course for $20

Taming Big Data with Spark Streaming - Hands On!I’m pleased to announce the launch of my newest course: Taming Big Data with Spark Streaming – Hands On! Follow this link to get it for $20, a 25% discount.

Big data never stops flowing, and Spark Streaming is a hot technology for receiving, processing, and analyzing massive data streams as they are created! Spark Streaming runs on a cluster to scale up to however much data your web servers, sensors, or anything else might be throwing at you.

This course also includes a crash course on the Scala programming language. Coding Spark Streaming scripts using Scala lets you take advantage of its newest features, which is important – Spark Streaming is still a young and quickly developing technology.

With almost 6 hours of content and lots of hands-on examples, this course will get you confident in writing Spark Streaming scripts from the ground up. Check it out!

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