Get my new Apache Spark with Scala course for $19

Apache Spark with ScalaI’ve just released my latest course: Apache Spark with Scala – Hands On with Big Data! You can get it for $19 at Udemy.

This course teaches you the hottest technology in distributed programming of big data analysis: Apache Spark. Getting the most out of Spark requires using the Scala programming language, and this course also includes a crash course in Scala to get you up to speed quickly. If you’ve done some programming before, you can pick it up.

7 hours of video content and over 20 hands-on examples are included! It’s not just theory, it’s real code you can run, edit, and build upon, covering the basics all the way up to some very advanced applications. By the end of the course, you’ll be creating movie recommendations using one million movie ratings on a real Hadoop cluster, analyzing degrees of separation in a social graph using GraphX and Pregel, handling structured data with SparkSQL and DataFrames, and finding the most popular hashtags on Twitter in real time using Spark Streaming. This course truly covers it all.

So, please check it out and get your discount!

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