AdWords Optimization Step 7: Never Assume

This next “step” isn’t really something actionable per se. Think of it more as a tenet – a guiding principle – a way of life. Never, ever make a change to your campaign and just assume that it did more good than harm. Note exactly what you did, and when, and measure the results over […]

Adwords Optimization Step 6: Remarketing Campaigns

My ads are running on  The New York Times, YouTube, EBay, and many more premium sites. I’m getting great clickthrough rates of about 0.5%, indicating these ads are really relevant, and a cost per conversion of just $3 – half of what my search ads cost. And I’m just paying 30 cents per click. When […]

AdWords Optimization, Step 5: Focus on Cost Per Conversion

It’s easy to get caught up in clickthrough rates (CTR), since that’s what most people talk about – and you probably have the most data behind your CTR metrics. But focusing on CTR can drive the wrong behavior. Consider the example of publishing a big PR release. An article about your great new product hits […]

Adwords Optimization Step 4: Monitor your search terms

If you’re running search campaigns, odds are you have many keyphrases with “broad matching.” That’s what Google gives you by default – but you may be surprised by just how broad your matches are. For example, my 3D cloud and sky rendering software is targeted to software developers. But, when I took a look at […]

AdWords Optimization Step 3: Targeting Specific Websites

My display ads on Google’s display ad network get an average CTR of 0.45%, and a conversion rate of 14%. That’s unheard of for remnant ads, isn’t it? It’s not like I’m paying a premium for them – my CPC is at 47 cents and CPA is just $4 (these are leads that can result […]

Hacking work-from-home energy levels

One thing I’ve noticed is that it was a lot easier to keep my energy up when I was working in an office, going from meeting to meeting all day long. This might strike you as counter-intuitive, but just the simple act of having to get up and walk to another conference room every half […]

Adwords Optimization Step 2: Organize your Ad Groups

Well, that’s an interesting graph below, isn’t it? Something in the middle of August caused my clicks and conversions to pretty much double – and I didn’t increase my ad budget. Turns out there is a perfect correlation with doubling my conversions and re-organizing my AdWords campaigns and ad groups. It’s that important. I can […]

AdWords Optimization Step 1: Measuring Success

The first step to optimizing the effectiveness of your AdWords campaigns is to decide what to optimize for. That’s not always a simple decision. You may be tempted to say “clicks” or “sales.” But neither might be the right choice. You can drive lots of clicks to your website, but if they’re just from curiosity […]

8 Steps to AdWords Optimization (and Growing your Business!)

As a small business owner, you need to be ruthless about how you spend your time. With my own company, Sundog Software, I automate sales and marketing as much as possible, allowing me to focus more on product development and customer support. A key part of the “automating sales and marketing” strategy has been the […]

Keeping busy

I’ll admit, I was more than a little nervous about leaving a big career at Amazon and IMDb to strike out on my own. But, the freedom that comes with working for yourself was more than a little alluring at the same time. So far, work’s been easy to come by. Sign of  a rebounding […]